How to Login to Strayer iCampus

By | May 10, 2018

Learn step by step with picture about how to login to Strayer iCampus and also how to recover your account if you forgot that.

Strayer University is an educational institute with the for-profit label in America. This university offers undergraduate and graduates degree for their students.

They also have a built-in online learning system, that is Strayer iCampus. This can be accessed by authorized and registered iCampus account.

To access iCampus facilities, you must follow Strayer iCampus Login instruction properly.

Strayer University is located in the United States and has 78 campuses all around the country. They provide degrees in information technology, business, education, health services, public administrations and others.

How to Login to Strayer iCampus on PC?

In this digital world, we chose computer first as a smart device. You can access Strayer iCampus trough your PC(Personal Computer) with an internet connection.  

Its very simple, here’s how you could do it.

Step:-1 Open your web browser and visit Strayer iCampus. You can also find it by using any web search engine.

How to Login to Strayer iCampus on pc

Step:- 2 Now, you should get the login page. Here tow empty fields are displaying. At those fields, you should give your registered User ID and Password.

After you have provided the information, click on the red Log in button down there. If everything was ok, you will get your Strayer iCampus account.

How to Login to Strayer iCampus on Mobile?

It’s also possible to access Strayer iCampus using Mobile. Yes, you can do it by using your mobile web browser. Wondering how? Let’s see it.

Step:-1 Open up your mobile browser and visit iCampus Login page. Use a search engine to find it quickly.

Step:-2 Once you into the Login page, you will get some options. At that option, include your User ID and Password of iCampus account.

If you are done, then tap on the Login button at the bottom. Then you would get the Strayer iCampus account of yours.

How to Login to Strayer iCampus on App?

Strayer University also provides an App for the iCampus user. It would become so easy to manage your account with the mobile app.

To use this app, you must login to Strayer iCampus account. This app is currently available on Google Play and iTunes.

 How to Login to Strayer iCampus for Android      Strayer Mobile for Android- screenshot       How to Login to Strayer iCampus on Android phone

Step:-1 Download the Strayer iCampus App. Just visit your platform’s app store and download it.

Step:-2 If you have downloaded, Open the App. You will get a login page on the screen. Input your UserID and Password one by one.

You must enter registered information on the login form. Now, click on the Login button. That will take you into the Strayer iCampus account.

How to Recover Strayer iCampus Account?

In case you forgot your Password, you can recover it using some easy steps. Here’s what you should follow up.

Step:-1 Open your device’s browser and immodestly visit Strayer iCampus. Now, click on the option ‘Forgot account info?’ beside login button.

Step:-2 On the next page, provide your Username and Email one by one. Then just click on Next button. You will get an email from Strayer iCampus.

That will provide the option to reset the password. Finally, set a new password and save it.

Strayer iCampus Information

Strayer iCampus is an online learning system from Strayer University. The university provides their education programs through online(iCampus) and 78 campuses all over the US.

It is a for-profit institution and provides degrees on different subjects. Basically, they provided graduate and undergraduate degree for students.  You can reach them via Email or call.

Email:  [email protected]

Call: 703-561-1710

Social profiles: Facebook, Twitter

The difference between Strayer students and everyone else? Everyone else has dreams. We have plans. #WeGotThisWednesday

Posted by Strayer University on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Strayer iCampus, lets students complete their course over online. This facility called for online learning. Enrolled students get and built-in iCampus account.

On this account, they can get grades, course information, study guideline with a calendar function. iCampus, also lets students connect with their classmate and course teacher.

Wants to explore more? Then you can check our Education folder on Haury.

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