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By | December 12, 2017

LinkedIn is a social networking service mainly for professionals. This social media site is business and employment oriented. This service is provided by websites and mobile app. LinkedIn is the leading online catalog of professionals and companies. Individuals and companies use LinkedIn for a professional network, continue to recruit, find a job, create a career and connect. These expansion opportunities are good news for job seekers. You can build up in your career by LinkedIn. To get started, you must use LinkedIn Sign Up.

This popular social media site founded December 28, 2002, & officially launched May 5, 2003. This site chairman is Reid Hoffman.

Hundreds of companies use LinkedIn solutions. LinkedIn allows users (employees and employers) to create personal data and “connect” to the social network. This professional network represents a real career relationship.

How to LinkedIn Sign Up in PC?

First, you go to web browser just like as Google Chrome, Mozilla etc. You can also use a search engine(google, bing.etc). Search LinkedIn Sign up.

LinkedIn Sign Up

You can see four blank options.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password(choose your own password)

Fill up these options & lastly click on Join now. Next, see your [su_highlight]LinkedIn profile[/su_highlight].

How to Sign Up for Mobile?

LinkedIn Sign Up
First, you must go to your mobile web browser. Then search LinkedIn on your browser. After that, you will see a new page of LinkedIn sign up. This page includes four blank options & all options should be filled up with the right information.

  • Your first name.
  • Your last name.
  • Your Email and Password.

LinkedIn Sign Up

After completing all blank options, click on Join now option. Then you can see a new page with the security check. You can select your country and give that your phone number for a confirmation code.

LinkedIn Sign Up

The LinkedIn authority will send you a text code or call to provide you the code, then write that confirmation code.
At the end, to click verify code option.

LinkedIn Sign Up
That’s all are complete than you see your LinkedIn profile.

How to Sign Up for LinkedIn App?

 LinkedIn- screenshot  LinkedIn- screenshot  LinkedIn- screenshot
The LinkedIn user interface is so helpful in this app. First, you go to your device app store and download a LinkedIn App. Install this app on your phone. Then click on join LinkedIn option. Next, you will get a new page with some blank options. Your first name, last name, email address & password fill up blank option. Then you have to provide a verification code. This code verifies your identity. After providing the code, click verify code.

Why You Signup LinkedIn?

LinkedIn helps you in tow ways. This two ways are “learn” and “earn”. The whole digital world depends on online. One more interesting thing is that, a company can save money by LinkedIn. Suppose you can post a job on online via LinkedIn. Then online employees will bid your work. The less price bid an employee the more company money gets saved.

Persistence and connections can help you get the job.

Finding a job takes persistence, and help from your connections. Rahul sent 25 InMails a day, made new connections, and found his way in. #TheWayIn

Posted by LinkedIn on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

So you can learn many things to earn online. You can learn Graphic designed, SEO, Web design, and development etc. LinkedIn is also a business platform, you can also promote your business here. You can take your product or your company to advertise on LinkedIn. You can your share your company project this site(LinkedIn) to complete your project via online employee. For more ideas, you can read Theodore Kallergis’s article on 6 Reasons to Join LinkedIn, it’s amazing.

In LinkedIn, firstly you build up your network. Once you’ve signed up for LinkedIn and created your profile, you can start creating a contact network that includes professional, educational, or other people.

End Lines

When an employer gives you a job, they first check your profile. They see your work and experience through your profile. However, you can also contact a member of LinkedIn to recruit. LinkedIn has become a general tool for recruiting staff who can guarantee to be used effectively.

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