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By | June 6, 2017

Gmail is an online mail service where you can communicate with your friends, colleagues, relatives and others known people at the speed of internet by texting. Gmail serves their online account holder about 15 gigabytes of free space where you can keep save your valuable mail and other documents like Image, PDF file, Audio and Video. Gmail also has the facilities of the searching message within a short time. Google mail servers scan automatically all of its account holders mail for multiple purposes and filters spam and malware from the mails. Gmail is now available in 72 languages and owned by Google. It is created by Paul Buchheit and launched on 1st April of 2004 with 1-gigabyte free storage and now it is giving us 15-gigabyte free storage. According to the report of February 2016 Gmail has about 1 billion account holders around the world.

Gmail login processes

You can login at Gmail with some normal and rapid procedures with various and common devices which all you are using in your life regularly. So let’s justify which procedure should be followed by us for login at Gmail through which device. Just have a look at below on the procedures.

Gmail login on PC or laptop

PC or Laptop owners could easily get logged in with this easy process at their Gmail online account. Have a look at below.

Step:-1 Start your PC and be sure that the internet connection is connected to your device or not. If it is not connected yet, just connect it and start using the browser.

Step:-2 When your browser is opened, just search for Gmail online account web page or you can click here.

Step:-3 Then provide your email address at first and click on Next.Gmail login

Step:-4 Then, enter the login password when the next page arrived.
Gmail login

Step:-5 Now,click on login option for getting access at your Gmail online account.

Gmail login through Mobile

Mobile is one of the common and most used devices for browsing the internet. Many Gmail account holders use their Mobile for login at Gmail and for communicating through the mail with their peoples and official colleagues. For doing mail relevant official documents, significant personal thought about any topics, sharing enjoyable moment with people on the outside and inside of your home or office Mobile is more efficient than others device. For all of this advantages, you will prefer your smartphone to login at your Gmail account. So, let’s follow the procedures for login at Gmail through Mobile, is given at below.

Step:-1 On your Mobile’s Data connection or connect your Mobile with a wireless connection like wifi.

Step:-2 Go to your Mobile browser which is used at your Mobile and open it, then search for Gmail login page or you should click here.

Step:-3 When the login page come, enter your email address first and click Next.

Step:-4 After proving your email address successfully, provide your login password when the next page arrived. Then, click on Next to successfully login at your Gmail online account through Mobile.

Gmail online account login through Mobile App

Gmail online account login through Mobile App is another login media for getting access to Gmail. Through the Gmail official mobile app, you will get rapid access to your Gmail online account. At first, you have to install the latest version of Gmail official mobile app. Here are the instructions were given, that will help you to install the Gmail mobile app and login at your gmail account through it.

Step:-1 Open your Mobile’s data connection On or make it connected with an internet connection.

Step:-2 Then, open your mobile’s browser and search for the latest version of Gmail official mobile app from your device’s app store (like play store or apple store) and install it on your device.

Step:-3 When the app installed successfully in your mobile, Open it for login.

Step:-4 Then, provide your email address first and click on Next.

After coming the next, where the password is required you have to provide your login password and click on the login for complete your Gmail online account sign in through its official mobile app.

Forgot password of your Gmail online account

Step:-1 Connect your device with internet connection and open your browser.

Step:-2 Then, search for Gmail login page or you can click on here.

Step:-3 After the login page arrive, enter your email address and click on Next.

Step:-4 Then, click on the forget password which is given below of the box of password on the next page.

Step:-5 Then, you have to enter the password you can remember at this time and click Next.

Step:-6 Now, verify yourself to the authority of Gmail and give another gmail address where they will send a 6 digit code and you can get it from that mail address.

Step:-7 Verify yourself with this 6 digit code at the recovery page of Gmail.

Step:-8 If you have verified yourself successfully, you will get an option to Create a new password, it is important for all Gmail account holders.

These are the most popular and used procedures for login, we have tried to describe in this post. You can apply any of this procedure for login which is given through your favorite device. If you ever lost, forget or change your login password of Gmail online account, you can maintain the password reset Procedures, If you want to know anything more, please ask it in the comment section without hesitation.

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