How to Add New Folder in Gmail Account

By | December 9, 2017

Gmail which is pronounced as Gee-mail, is a free Web-based e-mail service from Google. It is being used in the whole world in 72 languages and providing its users with 15 gigabytes of storage for keeping their messages safe and save. Every Gmail account holder has the facility to add folders to its inbox.

Google co-founder and president Larry Page said that Gmail was created because of those complaining letter of theiy users. They had to delete messages to stay within storage limits. The two largest Web e-mail providers of that time, Yahoo and Microsoft, allowed their users 4 MB and 2 MB for storing messages and Both services charged a fee for additional storage. Finally Google has launched their online mail services in 2004 and now, it has 1 billion active users in the whole world.

The Process of Adding New Folder to Gmail Account

It is important to add the folder to Google mail services due to saving time, while you are searching any important mail that you need to find immediately. But at Gmail, you won’t get the option of adding the folder to your inbox. In this mail services, you will get an update option called labels which is also like add folder service. We will discuss the process of Adding new folder/ labels in this post. Let’s have a look at the process given below.

Step-1: Now, open the browser and log in to your Gmail account.

Step-2: Go to the Gmail inbox for creating labels with any of your messages. Just, find a message and mark it which you want to apply to your new label.

marked emails

Step-3: Click on the “Labels” bar at the top of the message of your inbox list. Select a label which is saved in the label list. You can also create a new label and categorized your messages according to your labels.

gmail labels

Step-4: You can create a new label directly from this menu by clicking on the “Create New” option that appears next to it.

creat new label on gmail

Step-5: When you have created your required labels, you’ll be able to categorize your inbox messages according to them.

It will be more easy to find any message according to the labels that you have added.

End Lines

That’s the process of adding a folder to your Gmail account. Now, you can create labels and add your messages to it. It’s quite necessary for saving your valuable time from searching messages. Just apply it, when you feel the need. Although, If anything you want to know more, ask it in the comment section.

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